Ultime Notizie 20x20cm set of 25


Ultime notizie by Piero Fornasetti hand painted ceramic tiles.

The various subjects of “Ultime Notizie” are supplied mixed in a fixed percentage.

Tile size cm. 20x20 (8”x8”), set of 25  tiles


Ultime notizie

Time to turn over a new leaf? The author’s self-confessed passion for the printed word is transformed into yet another beautiful game. Newspaper sheets paper the walls, or become the very flooring, sometimes in actual fact covered with such sheets for protection. Multicolored butterflies rest on a sea of characters, irresistibly attracted by the perfume of lead and ink. Printing works, populated by swarms of compositors donning black aprons, emerge in a nostalgic flashback, which cannot fail to affect even those nervously awaiting the next breaking news story on their mobile phones.




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