"Abstraction is a luxury that has been left to the present day to exploit" "Abstraction is the way to the heart - it is not the heart itself

Designer Derek Lawlor originally studied textile design only to discover his true medium of choice: woven wool.
While the two topics may be very close but very different at the same time, Derek has transferred some of his generic textile design background to his wool creations.

Grew up in Sussex and moved up to London in 2003 where he enrolled at Central St Martins to study Textile design.

During MA Fashion course he developed cordwork technique and was able to push in the right direction. London Fashion Week allowed to gain exposure and show people his own unique knitwear designs.

Taking inspiration by the texture and color of John Piper's paintings, Lawlor builds on the densely intricate, structural aesthetic of his debut, fusing more traditional cabling and intarsia elements with woven fabrics and weaving techniques.

The objective of Derek is to incorporate this incredible material into all aspects of one's life and make it more accessible to everyone.

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