Fornasetti Fornasettiana 20x20cm, set of 12


Fornasettiana by Piero Fornasetti hand painted ceramic tiles.

Range composed of 1 set of 12 tiles, made with hand-applied decalcomania on a matt white base (L.111) or a glossy base (Bianco Extra), size 20x20 cm.



This small but significant collection of twelve tiles - fragments of Fornasetti’s universe of decoration – has been put together and presented by Barnaba, the artist’s inspired son. Optical illusions, elements of classical art, columns and capitals, the sun and the moon, a flying hot air balloon, a red chequered cat, a fiery mouth ... And then, the imperturbable and ever-present female face returns to question us with her wide gazing eyes. If the imagination is truly the queen of all faculties, then nothing can be truer than that which is fictitious.

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