MAD ET LEN Flat Pot Pourri D'Apothicaire Black Vegetal Amber+Crystal NIGHT SOUK


Flat Amber Pot Pourri + Crystal Apothicaire "Night Souk" from Mad Et Len

- Our Pot Pourri  comes in a Hand hammered iron case with a black fumé finish and a black paper box including a including a 15ml-0.5 Fl .oz perfume refilling.

- We use Amber resin infused with pure perfume

- Dimensions: cm 13x7H

Our Pot Pourri refilling perfume comes in a black glass bottle with a pipette to use directly on the AMBER RESINE so as to reinfuse the pot pourri with a few drops of perfume whenever needed

Composition : 100% PURE PERFUME NO ALCOHOL

 - Night Souk comes with notes of vanilla, incense and patchouli. The scent is an echo with the story of the legendary and magnificent city

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