MAD ET LEN Pot Pourri D'Apothicaire, Petit Lava Rock, DARKWOOD


Mad et Len " Darkwood"

 Pot pourri small lava rock comes in a hand hammered iron case with a black fumé finish and a black paper box including a 15ml-0.5 Fl. oz 

We use black LAVA ROCK infused with pure perfume, the lava rock come from the sahara desert and is bought by bedouin nomads.

All labels are hand signed with date of production in their atelier in France. 

Our Pot Pourri refilling perfume comes in a black glass bottle with a pipette to use directly on the LAVA ROCK so as to reinfuse the pot pourri with a few drops of perfume whenever needed Composition : 100% PURE PERFUME NO ALCOHOL


Notes:  Smoky Dark Aromatic, Leather Fougere, Ebony Notes - PRIMITIVE ARTEFACT

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