MATE City Foldable eBike

The MATE City:

Cruise around in comfort and style with your new best MATE! Its strong power output in a lightweight package allows it to literally fly FASTER than any other MATE in our collection. Easily foldable and packed with smart features to turn every ride into an adventure. 

The world’s coolest eBike – just got a complete overhaul! It’s once again ready and willing to energise your commutes and spice up your weekend adventures. Just hop on and GO 

This eBike is backed with a plethora of smart details, from robust motor and extended range battery to powerful Tektro disc brakes and active full suspension. MATE City is the ideal partner for everything from city riding and commuting, to touring through the countryside. Fully adjustable to fit your body type and riding style to ensure all-day comfort

    Colours available:

    Legacy Black, Olive Gold, True Blue, Shocking Pink

    500W -> Speed 32km/h, Range 50km

    250W -> Speed 25km/h, Range 80km

     New and Improved

    MATE City, the eBike that rocked the industry worldwide, has undergone a complete overhaul – from its electrical, braking and suspension systems to sleek polished look with smooth welds and radiant colors. Now more powerful than ever with our new addition of a 500W / 48V version with thumb throttle for attacking the hills. In addition, we’ve integrated the power sensor, upgraded the controller and charger for solid reliability and made the switch to smart color display so you can enjoy the full MATE experience.  It’s truly the ultiMATE in cycling versatility.

    Hyper-fast acceleration

    We equipped our 500W model with a 48V battery which delivers powerful acceleration that can be used for everything from getting immediately back up to speed after a stop light to quickly accelerating up a hill.


    Its light, compact size and unique geometry allow for tight yet stable turning which is ideal for navigating through traffic at an exceptionally brisk pace.

    LUDACRIS mode

    Ludacris means SPEED…lots of it! With the color display, you can unlock your speed limit to fly at up to 42km/h on the 500W model.

    Powerful motor/battery combo

    Our 500W model delivers an impressive 504Wh (watt-hours), combined with powerful acceleration due to its 48V battery. Our 250W model delivers a solid 468Wh. With both models, you have the freedom to take the long way home.

    Note: for the 250W model, with the upgraded battery option the energy level increases to 612Wh for pushing boundaries while knowing you’ll have enough energy to safely make it home.

    In short:

    For higher speed, choose 500W motor

    For longer distance, choose 250W motor

    Shimano shifting

    Shimano 7-speed shifter and rear derailleur provide expert shifting, with ideal gear steps for seamless transitions between shifts to perfectly match your terrain and riding style.

    Tektro disc brakes

    Tektro mechanical disc brakes for strong, efficient braking power with expert modulation.

    Full suspension

    Smooths out all the bumps so you’ll never have to avoid cobbles or rocky trails again. Go ahead and play hard, knowing your bike will back you up!

    Thumb throttle

    Simply push the lever with your thumb, and off you go! No pedalling required.

    Included with the 500W model only. Available as an upgrade for the 250W model


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