Orbit Cluster Necklace

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Become the centre of a seriously stylish universe with the Orbit Cluster Necklace. Featuring an adjustable lobster clasp and inspired by our galaxy’s very own asteroid belt, this eye-catching piece is sure to leave your head spinning!

Design notes: 

There is beauty in chaos and nowhere is that more true than in our own solar system. From a moon adorned with craters to planets encased in ice, beauty and chaos are undeniable cosmic bffs. Take the spectacular asteroid belt, where intergalactic debris and space junk have formed a barrier between Mars and Jupiter, protecting our planet from dangerous comets and asteroids. Our Orbit Cluster collection manages to capture this astral perfect imperfection, and wearing one of our stunning creations you will ensure you are protected from negativity, bad vibes and of course, asteroids.



85% Brass, 10% Crystal, 5% Enamel, 100% Gold Plating



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