PITAGORA Ceiling Lamp design Richard Hutten


In mathematics, there are only five regular forms with the same face.

For the "Pythagoras" series of lamps, named after the famous Greek mathematician, Hutten used these regular shapes like the cube and the triangular pyramid to create this family of iconic lamps.

Twelve concave polycarbonate discs are aggregated around a fulcrum, ensuring optimal light diffusion, which gives a rich atmosphere to the space in which the lamp is positioned.

The result is an intriguing 3D object that changes according to the angle from which it is viewed.

Material: polycarbonate
Light Emission: Diffused
Dimensions (L - W - H): 48,7 x 45,7 x 48,4 cm
Cable: Mammoth

 Colour: Black, Red, Pink, Yellow, Balsam green, Grey



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