Frog Prince Brooch - Green

Simon Harrison

 This hand carved frog prince brooch and crown are fully three dimensional finshed with coloured enamels with tiny cabochon stones. With close attention to detail, the frog has handmade glass eyes. On the underside he wears a tiny waistcoat with a shirt and bowtie, capturing the very moment of transformation to the dashing prince. “You have to kiss a lot of frogs”.

The Frog Prince collection is inspired by the story of the frog that transformed into a prince The frog prince story is often used as a metaphor for the trials and tribulations of love and romance, reminding us that appearances can be deceptive and true love can come from the most unexpected places. For us it is a celebration of the jeweller's skills combining coloured enamels with tiny cabochon stones. Close attention has been paid to even the finest detail, look closely and you will see the frog still wears the waistcoat of the prince.

Colour: Green or Black


Hand Enamelled, Cabochon Stones, Swarovski ® Crystal, Handmade Glass Eyes

Length 65mm Width 40mm Depth 25mm

Presented in a signature gift box

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