Fornasetti SOLI E LUNE 40x40cm


Soli e lune 40x40 by Piero Fornasetti hand painted ceramic tiles.

Series of double-fired covering decorations, made with silk-screening in platinum, and pure gold (content 900‰ – gold purity superior to that used by jeweller), on a glossy white background (Bianco Extra), and on a glossy black background (Nero Extra). 6 different patterns sold individually, cm 40x40.


Soli e lune

“Ours is a limitless, full time profession. There are no working hours, day or night. I translate my dreams into reality, whatever I do”. As if conjured up by this revelation, we see a great radiant sun emerge, so intimately delighted to shine down and heat us all, as to give way to a gentle smile. Silent golden moons, in their progressive phases, appear thoughtful and absorbed, on black and white backgrounds. Tired of their ceaseless wanderings, the heavenly bodies occasionally halt, revealing their mysterious souls.


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