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The World’s First Outdoor Fitness System based on Instinctive Body Movements


MyEquilibria is a game-changing concept that redefines workout experience and tears down boundaries between art, high-end wellness equipment and community.

It led to the creation of ‘Instinctive Fitness Philosophy’ that aims to:

  • » improve training results and wellbeing through benefits of open air workouts
  • » change common perception of workouts being mundane, challenging and gym-enclosed
  • » enable people of all fitness levels to exercise while having fun
  • » and, finally, make the world more beautiful with refined fitness installations that are both practical and unique


Quality is at the heart of who we are. And it is reflected in impeccable craftsmanship, high-end performance and timeless exclusivity of ‘made in Italy’ products.

It takes hundreds of hours of meticulous research and collaborative efforts of wellness, design, futurologists, sociology and digital experts to create each of MyEquilibria wellness installations and accessories.

And while each installation is a unique work of art, The Result is always the same - one-of-the-kind, multi-sensory experience guaranteed by timeless sophistication of design, innovative functions, and personalised workout support in natural surroundings that many of us crave living in the city in our daily life.

470 million people already work out outdoors, yet 85%* say they don’t have an outdoor workout equipment to help them exercise.

MyEquilibria went beyond high-tech outdoor equipment. We’ve crafted a revolutionary concept of functional training encapsulated in a sleek, nature-inspired form that seems to be taken right out of a gallery of Contemporary art.

Yet biomechanics of each MyEquilibria installation, leverage body weight and gravity so well, the workout becomes intuitive, immersive and fun, not just functional.

MyEquilibria experience leverages innovation and technology to build momentum for the future of outdoor wellness. It aims to create unique microenvironment where physical qualities including agility, balance, cardiovascular, endurance, flexibility, stamina and strength are powered by instincts and driven by thrill of challenging your limits.


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