Choose from an assortment of styles, material and more with respect to the fakasaka design you’re looking for at 1stDibs. Each fakasaka design collection was constructed with extraordinary care, often using bronzemetal and stone.
 Established in 2007, Fakasaka is the eponymous design company by Brazilian artist Fernando Akasaka distinguished by a penchant for producing intricate detailed cast bronze collectible design objects, furniture and jewelries.

Residing and working from his studio in São Paulo, Brazil, Akasaka’s latest collection AVA draws inspiration from world renowned surrealist masters such as Alberto and Diego Giacometti. Like the two symbiotic siblings, Akasaka also draws inspiration from working with his daughter Alexia.

Fakasaka explores the contrast between the manmade and the natural through shapes and finishes that create a clear aesthetic. The constant challenge to balance elements is met with an outcome that is a striking assortment of bronze furniture and objects in oxidised and polished finishes, accented with precious regional stones, granites and rich prehistoric reptilian motifs.

 FAKASAKA is a design-oriented company that produces furniture, lighting, decoration objects and jewelry with an innovative and exclusive design that reflects a contemporary vision of the home and lifestyle.
The jewelry collection, handmade in sterling silver or gold, is the result of experiments with shapes and textures, influenced by the underground scene, dark and rebellious aesthetics.