Ciclotte Specs


Ciclotte, Ride on Design - Technical specifications

Designer: Luca Schieppati

Materials: Carbon, steel, glass fibres

Processing: Press moulding of composite in autoclaves, numerically controlled mechanical processing

Size: h 113,4cm x p 54cm x l 112,2cm

Weight: 55 kg

Power Supply: 220 V by way of transformer

Versions: Classic /Marine

Colors: Glass and carbon fiber: Full Carbon / Silver / Purple Steel: White / Red / Green /Blue / Yellow / Grey

Technical characteristics:

Steel and carbon frame

Epicycloidal transmission by way of dual satellite system

Central movement on padding

Carbon handlebar with adjustable tilt

Carbon saddle with alcantara adjustable to four positions (adjustment setting: 15mm, total range 21cm)

Touch screen display for adjusting to 12 resistance levels

Wheel mass: 5Kg

Maximum weight of user: 130Kg




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