Fornasetti Macchine volanti B&W


Macchine volanti 2 by Piero Fornasetti hand painted ceramic tiles.

Range composed of 1 set of 24 decorations, made with hand-applied decalcomania on a matt white base (L.111) or a glossy base (Bianco Extra), size 20x20 cm.


Macchine Volanti

Hot air balloons, solitary, in pairs and in clusters. Airships, with no flight or landing plan. Sailing Ships, ready to take flight on the waves, and sail towards the stars. There is no need to fasten one’s seatbelt with a flight of fancy. Or to open a private museum in the air, in one’s home. In his father’s house, the young Piero had frescoed his bedroom with trompe-l’oeil motifs, even then reserving a place of honour, on the ceiling plaster, for his very first flying machines. Still today, with their innate lightness, they defy the laws of gravity and of daily life.

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