Nuvole al Tramonto has been created from an atmospheric etching of clouds, the subtle line works and delicate detail render Nuvole one of Fornasetti's most magnificent and beloved designs. With its billowing clouds rolling across a rimantic sky, Fornasetti has updated this arresting study with a unique ombre, encompassing the colour and light of an everchanging sky.

Nuvole al Tramonto is available in two colourways, Dusk and Dawn. Whilst Dawn captures the first bright light of an early morning showing soft sage clouds rise into puffs of a mint and duck-egg before diffusing into a hazy blue spring sky, Dusk captures the changeful evening sky where  whirls of sunset pink clouds move through muted violet before diffusing into a summery soft blue.

Roll Width & Height 68.5cm x 12cm

Match: Straight. Repeat:300cm

Each roll contains four panels that create this enchantingly tempestuous sky, measuring a total of 274cm wide and 300cm high. The four panels can be used as a captivating feature across one wall or ceiling or the design can be repeated in four-panes sections to create an immersive, bold interior.

Sample available for £6.50

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