TATO restpod

Tatino by Baleri Italia

Simply shaped as an egg (oval shape) this item is surprisingly supportive. Designed by Denis Santachiara and manufactured in Italy, they can be used on their own or combined as playful, colorful elements at home or at work. Simply Comfortable Soft outside: foam padding is covered in stretched fabric. Strong inside: rigid internal structure works with the padding to support you and conform to your shape.  Easy to change.

DIMENSIONS: Dia. 65 x H 41.5 cm

The cover can be removed for cleaning or replacement; a wide range of vibrant fabric colours are available, contact us for any of the colours from the following Collections:

Colorado Collection colours

Malaga Collection colours

Sumatra Collection colours

TATO TATOO COLLECTION - cover available in SKULL, RABBIT, FISH, TIGER and CAT see options.

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