Filicudi Chair by Marcantonio

New 2020 Collection - Available from September 2020

After Filicudi Armchair success, Marcantonio designs for Qeeboo a new piece belonging to the same family. Filicudi Chair is Qeeboo’s new chair suitable for indoor and outdoor, capable of recreating the Mediterranean magic in our everyday spaces. This product is aimed at an audience that loves design and Mediterranean atmospheres.

The prickly pear is the iconic Mediterranean plant.
It is the welcome symbol of its land, a magical place that has the tastes of holidays and discoveries. Filicudi evokes unforgettable places and special relaxing moments where the air is intense and full of light.

Dimensions: (L-W-H): 55 x 52 x 79 cm

Material: polyethylene, steel

Colours: Green, Black, White

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