Fornasetti Calendar Wall Plate 2021 black/white/gold

The tradition of the Calendar Plate dates back to the 1940s, when Piero Fornasetti and Gio Ponti dreamed up the Annuari, twelve tables bound into a calendar booklet and sent as a Christmas gift to friends and devoted customers. Years later, in 1968, Fornasetti brought the idea back to life and since then has created the decorations for this series of collectible plates, all limited editions, each one bearing a different greeting.

With the 2021 Calendar Plate, Fornasetti would like to spread a message relating to the rediscovery of time lived at one's own pace, slow and unhurried, and invites each of us to enjoy that which surrounds us, with a new gaze and a new awareness. This is a subject that has always been dear to Fornasetti, championing a notion of design based on making time for that artisanal savoir- faire which, by its very nature, places people at the centre of the creative process. Let slowness be the guiding value for this new year, a value that will let us rediscover a more human rhythm, just as the iconic turtle seems to suggest.

This handmade porcelain plate can be used ornamentally as a centrepiece, or as a wall decoration, thanks to the two holes in the back.
For cleaning, we recommend using a microfibre cloth and a neutral or mild detergent.

Limited edition of 850
Ceramic gold gilded finishing
∅ Diameter 24 cm

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