Mio Bio and Trio Lamp by Ghidini


Mio Bio and Trio are born from the idea of creating a
gentle form, light but consistent and timeless, using brass
as a single material.
Thanks to the versatility of the rod it is possible to create
articulated and original structures, while the sheets allows
to realize the lampshades which spread a golden light,
warm and soft. “
The satinated finish give these sleek table lamps a refined
and understated allure allowing them to easily feature in
residential, hospitality and office environments.

Material: BRASS

Mio = Lamp with one light, cm 9 x 21 x 44

Bio = Lamp with two lights, cm 42 x 40 x 17

Trio = Lamp with three lights, cm 36 x 36 x 58


Designer: A.Cibic


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